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Gift of Health

Vouchers and e-vouchers from

Ness the Naturopath – Various amounts

Gift of Wellbeing

Massage Voucher from

Aspire A Pathway to Wellbeing - $90.00

Gift of Relaxation

800g Magnesium flakes and 15ml lavender oil - $60

Gift of the Love of Oils

DoTerra Wholesale Account and Intro Pack $80

Gift of Strength & Movement

PT session vouchers from Astarte Studios

$130 for a term or 5 class pass for $70

Gift of Art & Creativity

Art Class voucher Astarte Studios $50

Gift of Flexibility

Pilates Voucher from Shellharbour City Pilates,

$130 for a term or 5 class pass for $70.

Gift of Strength & Movement

Astarte Studio Term Voucher $130 for a term or

5 class pass for $70.

Gift of Indulgence

Herbal Teas by Fiona

Balance - Digestive Harmony 100g $12,

Chillax - "let go of busy" 50g $8.95,

Clarity - "enliven your mind" 90g $12.50

Gift of Balls

Spikey Balls, $12 each or 2 for $40

Gift of Emotional Support

Tribe of the Tree Flower Essences - $20 per dropper bottle or $25 for sprays

Gift of Pampering

Citrus Bliss Hand Cream ($15), Lip Balm ($11), Motivate Touch ($32) - $58

To give a gift you would love to receive contact the studio

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