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Our skin is not only the largest organ in our body; it plays a pretty important role in in the overall health and function of the body. It helps keep our insides inside. It’s our first role in immunity, helping keep all the nasty bugs and destructive forces away from our vital organs and the nerve ending in our skin help us feel, not to mention our skin also helps regulate our body temperature.

What you may not realise is that our skin along with being one of the first things others see of us is also one of our elimination organs! - Yep, we excrete stuff through our skin helping with detoxification of the body. Ever had a big night out drinking and woke up not just with a stinking headache but just stinking? A clear sign of our skin, helping out our friend liver in ridding toxins from the body! Good on you skin, way to take on for the team! Skin being the supportive and ever helpful friend, it is will often show signs of stress when our other elimination organs are needing some love. Digestive, liver and kidney issues sometimes create skin issues. These issues can subsequentially clear when the affected organ's processes are helped out. It's estimated at our skin one-third of body impurities daily....Ewwww!


Other than washing and moisturising and reducing sun and chemical exposure, we can help boost the functions of our skin by dry brushing. Dry brushing is the process of gently sweeping a firm bristled brush n circular motions across your skin before showering. This action can help the skin by not only exfoliating the skin but helps remove toxins and boosting circulation.

The main action of dry brushing is boosting and supporting the operations of the lymphatic system! The lymphatic system is a network of tubes throughout our body whose role is a little like the sewerage system of the body; it helps maintain the body's fluid levels and cleaning up cellular and bacterial waste and returning it to the blood for removal out of the body. 


By dry brushing, we stimulate the lymphatic system into action, helping it clear away the waste, we also encourage the capillaries to bring a fresh supply of nutrient to the skin to maintain optimum health.


How to Dry Brush.

Using a brush with natural bristles or a natural loofah. Start on the soles of your feet brushing in small circular motions. Continue in circular upward movements, covering your feet, legs (front and back) your buttock, taking care around the bikini line.

Moving to the upper body work along your arms and hands in a similar way. Then using a long handle brush, brush your back and lastly, gently work your abdomen area in a clockwise direction, then your chest and neck taking care with these areas due to the sensitive skin. Continue brushing for 3 - 5 minutes. Your skin should feel tingly and have rosy hue. Hop in the shower and wash off any of the remaining debris. 

Before showering once or twice a week.

Note: Do Not brush sunburnt, broken or sensitive skin. Keep a brush for each family member and don't forget to give it a clean from time to time.

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