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Ness the Naturopath

My Story

Hi, my name is Vanessa Wilson and this is my story...... 


My journey to becoming a Natural Health Practitioner could be traced back to when I was 5 or 6 years old. I was a typical kid who rarely sat still between friends and sporting endeavours. I ate chocolate biscuits whenever I wanted, and my vegetable intake consisted of peas, corn and potato pretty much! However, I had a knack of being able to intuitively 'feel' where people's pain was in their bodies. I was the kid who volunteered to massage relatives head, neck and shoulders and even feet.


When I was 13, a diagnosis of Carcinoid Cancer of the Appendix put everything in a spin. I was fortunate to have surgery removing the cancer with no chemo/medical intervention or radiation to follow, only regular check-ups to ensure all remained well.


It was at this stage that I began wondering. Why? Why had this cancer appeared in my body? What was Cancer? It was perhaps this event which became the catalyst for my fascination with anything health and especially Natural Health.  I would fill my time reading any book on Natural Therapies / The Mind Body Connection / Realising Our Optimum Potential, that I was able to get my hands on.


When I was about 20, it was time to further my interests. I enrolled in Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy and a Herbal Medicine courses at TAFE. It was soon after this that I began to see my first massage clients. It is safe to say that my interest had bloomed into a passion for what I was studying and wanted to learn more! So, at the age of 26, I enrolled to study at Naturopathic College.


I absolutely loved it! It came easily to me, and in 1999, I achieved my Naturopathic qualifications as well as a Diploma in Aromatherapy, Certificate in Massage and Reflexology and also studied many units in Chinese Medicine which still remains a significant influence on the way I prescribe and assess my clients today.


After graduating with my established and lovely group of loyal clientele, I was able to build and run two busy practices based in Mandurah and Applecross in Western Australia. And to keep things extra exciting, I also did regular radio segments, educating listeners on all things Natural Therapies.


In the early part of the new millennium, itchy feet and a thirst for adventure were starting to build. I sold up my businesses and swapped the West Coast for the East Coast. Moving to Sydney, I trained in Martial Arts and found work at a Charity in Event Management, all the while keeping up with Naturopathic consultations and Massage appointments on the side.


As it often does, life changed direction, and I found myself a few years later, living in sunny Townsville where I set about establishing a new Naturopathic Practice within the Townsville Wellness Centre. Working side by side with a Psychologist within the Centre was such a learning experience; however, it wasn't to last. A myriad of personal tragedies occurred which lead me back to my hometown of Perth for a couple of years, again returning to Naturopathic practice, but on a smaller scale while deciding what life might look for me now.


In turned out that travelling across the bottom of Australia with my beau Rob was what life had planned and at the end of our travels ended up buying our first house in Warilla in 2010 and have lived happily here in the Illawarra area ever since.


Moving to a new area, I was keen to start my Naturopathic clinic, and I was once again able to build beautiful relationships and thriving business within a local Woman's gym. It was a hectic time for myself and young family, and in 2015 an opportunity to spread my wings came upon me. I became a part of the Astarte Mind Body Studio, where I have been ever since, working alongside some absolutely inspiring woman with a base of support, that every day, I am ever grateful for.

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