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10 little gifts from you to you (3).png

1) Walk barefoot on the dewy morning lawn.  Connecting with nature and take a deep breath. Appreciate the simple things and remember not sweat the small stuff.  You can even do this whilst tending to the washing line ;)

 2) Help your skin glow, taking that flaky, sullen look away by moisturising with a beautiful smelling, chemical free, natural lotion (my personal favourite is the Citrus Bliss DoTerra cream which smells amazing and feels great on my skin).  


3) Don't forget your face! A quick 15 second cleanse of your face, followed by another 15 second face scrub, followed with a natural face moisturiser.  To be water savvy you can do this over the basin with just a little splash of water.


4) If you are going out, taking 60 seconds to scrub your body with a home-made essential oil body scrub.  This will leave your skin glowing and make you feel just a little bit special for the occasion.


5) Next time you are at the shops, grab yourself a copy of "Breathe magazine".  It is FABULOUS and reminds you to go back to basics without all the photo-shopped celebrities and mind cluttering advertising paraphernalia - But don't forget to take the time to read it too ;)


6) Give your nails, hands and feet some much needed love by grabbing the clippers and giving trimming your nails and applying your fave natural moisturiser to soothe rough skin and help protect skin for further damage - this can be even done whilst watching the kids or dogs play in the back yard.


7) Have a special essential oil that is especially for you.  Each time you put it on, breathe in the luscious aroma and think good things about yourself and thank yourself for taking the time to care for you and your needs.  Enjoy your special oil aroma emanating from your wrists and neck pulse points all day :)


8) Give yourself a whole 10 minutes to sit in the sun with your favourite cuppa. This can be just the soul food our busy body and minds .  Sure, you may get interrupted but you can still enjoy the time-out away from screens, housework, the desk at work - taking in the warm sun and fresh air which we all need to clear our heads.

 9) Keeping a nice smelling natural lip balm in your bag or in the car. Give your lips a bit of TLC by popping some on between clients, before you go out, or just before you get out of the car at school pick up.  It’s a nice little self-care ritual that is easy-peasy and can give your smile and day that little bit of shine it may need :)

 10) Massage your jaw at red lights.  We hold sooo much tension around our face and neck which contribute to fatigue, headaches and even wrinkles, so do yourself a favour and give your jaw, forehead, sinus area and even your nose a nice massage by pushing and holding, using small circular motions or just pressing in with your fingers or knuckles.  You will be amazed how good you will feel when you release some of those tight, stressed facial muscles.

Taking time for yourself is sometime the best way to take care of those around us :)

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